Being anonymous (updated)

Being anonymous..

I think a lot of my life I have felt no one noticed me unless it was in a negative way. I have always tended to obesity. But have always had strong body(wide shoulders*etc. yada, yada and a bit on the short side. Because I was fat I tended to attract the attention of bullies. However being strong and willing to fight meant it was never a major problem. Now I find myself invisible again. I am a longtime user on BCTS who is feeling very insecure and doesn't feel like any one knows me here whenever I write to a new author I feel obliged to mention my stroke and me being bed bound and paralyzed. I am not a shy person. I used to be painfully shy,something I outgrew it seems.

I am feeling pretty lonely nowadays.It is a week shy since my stroke a year ago, I think I will recover someday but I have had to accept it may be several more years. I can not get into a wheel chair without major assistance from a strong person. So I will likely use this blog as a way to introduce myself to people whom I'm not sure know who I am. I don't know how well I am known on this site. For example how many folks know I have published several stories at BC? I am a post op woman whose surgeon butchered my SRS, I am a frigging Barbie doll-smooth underneath.

If you are in the DFW area please PM me in case you use the same surgeon.
Right now I need people to know I exist.

More about me...

Back in Jun1999,My brother committed suicide. Iwas in denial about being transgendered. I finished raising his kids.A true gift from tragedy. Raising kids is something denied many of us. Then in2012 I finally came out to myself. Which is to say I could no longer pretend and I could not change this core piece of myself, I was living as someone whom I wasn't This is the most dangerous time for people like us. I would have killed myself except there were my kids .I couldn't do that to them again.So I transitioned as fast as I could. I figured they could learn to live with a live Aunt Wendy better than a dead Uncle Bill.Made paying jobs hard to find and keep. Till Then I made good money being a high level tech in the electronic industry. Ask me about Dallas Maker space some time.I am still an avid electronics hobbist. I am in quite a lot of pain from side effects from the stroke Lately I have been wishing I won't wake up. I am firmly against suicide knowing first hand how it hurts the people we love so I am in no danger there.

Like I said, I am a writer here, this is one of my better short stories...

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