It's criminal that Erin has to beg

every damned month for help in keeping Top Shelf open and running smoothly! It pisses me off more than I can say and it frustrates me beyond anything else in my life and it hurts me that, because of a lsck of funds, Erin is reduced to not paying people that NEED to be paid and has bankrupted herself in the process of providing us with this wonderful place!

Yes... I know that there are those of you who donate regularly and some who give quite a bit individually and believe me, I appreciate you more than I can express...but! There are those who can afford a buck or two and yet don't lend a hand! I know that a lot of us are in pretty dire financial straits and even a dollar might make the difference between paying our own bills and keeping food on the table.

I'm taking a measly 5 bucks out of my account today and I'm BEGGING all of you. Give just one damn dollar to try to get Erin and Top Shelf out of a tough spot!

Folks, I cannot tell you anymore about a plan to get and keep Top Shelf out of the poorhouse and more, but it IS in the works and, if it works, well, use your imaginations.

So c'mon folks. Go to the one time gift section and send a buck or two if you can spare it. Things ARE in the works and one dollar won't even buy a cup of coffee or a cold can of Pepsi any more, but a bunch of one dollar gifts will keep Erin out of the poorhouse and the Site online!

Catherine Linda Michel

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