Manitoba at its finest!

I live in Manitoba.

This week on monday we had our furnaces and woodstoves going as it was like 5 overnight with a high of 14 in the day.

It's now friday.

Last night was 19 at the coldest and its 32 right now.

With a nice breeze of 30kph

Tommorow we might get rain!

This is manitoba our weather is harsh on vehicles and outdoor stuff like decks. In winter we get between -10 and -55. Frost heaving anyone? Import cars rust from the ground up. Literally the frames on many of these are totally rotten inside five years from new. Ontario is worse as they LOVE salting any road surface. Nothing survives without plenty of rust. Not kidding Ive had to take a grinder and cutoff wheel to remove brakes on a two year old ontario car. And it was (rust proofed)!

Summer we get dry hot hot weather.

In the last decade for some reason lots of wind too.

And manitoba hydro finds that wind generators are "not economically feasible".

I remember growing up in manitoba. There was weeks with not a breeze and hot hot weather. Closest we had to wind was from tornados on occasion.

Now we are the windiest place in canada? Still trying to figure that out or why it happened.

Currently working on a set of Adirondack folding chairs, with pull out foot stool. Why some yutz company out of the states "made in usa" would make these out of birch (probably the worst outdoor wood imaginable) is beyond me.

Sprained my wrist on left hand a few days before my sisters wedding. Burned the other one( dont ask just really really dont ask) it's healing.

Dad is not doing so good. Morphine has no effect on his pain anymore. We are worried.

Kittkat( my male kitten..although he is now 3 years old) wont let me lay down anywhere and read. As soon as I lay down poof i have an attention hog kitty with big sharp claws.

Pepper wont let me talk to anyone unless I pet her at the same time.( I DO NOT HAVE A MOMMY VOICE DOROTHY!)

just an update for anyone interested.

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