Decision Time

I am in the process of making a huge decision. Two months ago my supervisor changed at work, My prior supervisor was an easy going guy who respected my talents and was very laid back. The new guy is a micro manager, and on Tuesday accused me of spreading rumors in the workplace (completely untrue and unsubstantiated). As well, he did this in front of another employee. I decided that I would never work for him again unless he apologises. So the next two times I see him it is about filling in a schedule for my work listing what I will be doing for each two hour block through the week.

I don't know what I will be doing three days from now at a certain time. My work depends on the submission of content and questions from others. When someone pops into my office, I end what I am doing and work on their problem. Mr. micro manager doesn't like that, and really didn't like it when I refused, three times, to fill in his stupid little form.

So I am pissed. Took yesterday off (it's wonderful working at a unionized office) and stayed home and wrote. Realized that I really liked doing that, and could get into doing it seven days a week (if I chose to). So today I looked up my pension information. And I discovered that the penalty for taking early retirement is only 3% per year. I am 63, so this means only a 6% reduction in the roughly $1000 monthly pension. With Canadian pension top ups, I will wind up with about $1500 to live on. I have savings that equal the remaining payments on my house, so I live rent/mortgage free.

So now I have to make a decision. Take the money and run, or stick it out for another two years (which will increase my pension another $2000 due to longer years of service. I'm leaning heavily for taking the pension.

If I do, I might become the first full-time BC author.


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