Bike - heading up to another hundred.

I hope no thinks it arrogant, but as Bike heads towards 3200, I know I shall be able to fill those episodes, albeit not necessarily on a daily basis. I've submitted my (I hope) end of term assignment which Whizz helped me write - got to blame someone if it fails. If it does I have to resubmit as I passed the others.

My question is, do you want me to continue with it beyond that, but probably not on a daily posting. I sometimes get the feeling people are tiring of it, judging by the at times, few comments. Since I sort of retired life has got very busy and the Open University keeps it so as do my ecological pursuits, of which I've acquired another to do with compiling an atlas of mammals - sound familiar, life imitates art. The difference being, in fiction, Cathy got paid for hers I do it for love of the subject, that's about all the parallels, I don't want dozens of bloody kids under my feet, or the responsibilities of office - wouldn't mind some of the money though.

Let me know if you want me to continue with Bike or not.


A marsh fritillary sheltering from the wind.


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