Blog Entry 27th May 2017- Blue Day vs Hot Stuff

Two songs this time- vs.

And there's a very good reason for the two songs- today is FA Cup Final day!

...Obviously, this wouldn't concern a great many people on this site. But it does concern two of the heroes of my stories- or rather, the two heroes as opposed to heroines. As luck would have it, Stuart is a Chelsea supporter, whilst Ian supports Arsenal, so the two had a little exchange earlier on social media...


Stuart Milton: Afternoon!
Ian Freeman: Hey man
SM: Guess where I am?
IF: I know where you are, you put the checkin on Facebook!
SM: About to watch John Terry make his final appearance for the greatest club in the world as they win the double
IF: You wish!
SM: Fighting words my young padawan
SM: From a team who finished 5th this year
IF: Anyone can beat anyone else over 90 minutes
SM: Want to make a wager on it?
IF: What did you have in mind?
SM: Oh ho ho
SM: When you next in London?
IF: Probably 2nd weekend in June
IF: Meeting Ella
SM: 'Meeting', yes
SM: How about this:
SM: After Arse-nal completely bottle it, you have to wear a bright blue wig for every second you're in London
SM: Literally the second you step off the train
IF: Is that it?
SM: Fighting words!
SM: What you got in mind?
IF: When the mighty Arsenal FC put Chelsea in their place
IF: (And you have to video this)
IF: You, standing in Wembley car park, have to have no less than ten litres of red soda poured over your head
IF: And especially that stupid blue shirt you're undoubtedly wearing
SM: Interesting!
SM: Makes my wig one look a little lame, agreed
IF: It took me a while to think of it
IF: Obviously thinking of a forfeit for you or me that involves 'wearing' anything is kinda hard
SM: Agreed
SM: TBH I thought the wig was pushing it a little
SM: But I'd never ask you to cross-dress.
IF: Same here
SM: But you're still getting humiliated for supporting a shit team
SM: So as well as the wig
SM: You have to sit- fully clothed- in a bathful of baked beans
IF: If that's the case
IF: Then as well as the red soda
IF: Next time I'm in London I get to take pot shots as you with a football
IF: 3 kicks per goal difference
SM: Okay I'll swap the wig for the kicks
SM: But I'm keeping the beans
IF: Done
SM: Excellent
IF: Enjoy your soda!
SM: Enjoy your beans!


Someone's getting messy before the end of the day. ;-) Testosterone, eh?

As for who I'm rooting for... I'll remain an impartial observer today. Even though Arsenal did knock out my favourite team 5-0 in an earlier round of the competition. ;-)

Debs xxxx

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