Damn near blind

Time for an update on my health issues. I had my third cataract surgery on Tuesday. No, I don't have three eyes. The first on my left eye didn't line up correctly, and had to be redone. I can now see perfectly ... at things that are more than five feet away. My close up vision currently sucks, and I can barely read my iPad.

This has delayed my productivity, although I did manage to do my part in getting The Wildcats chapter posted today. And I managed to get 5000 words written on River, my own story. (Wildcats is by Leslie Moore).

I still want to get another few thousand words done on this chapter, which sets things up for a couple really action packed ones back in ever evil Toronto.

So River fans can be happy knowing that the story is in progress and will be continued once I wrap up the writing, then an edit pass, and finally send it off to Eric to make it shiny and perfect.


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