I wish I had the words about Waking The Dreamer by Grover

that could possibly explain how good this story is, but I don't think I really do. Oh, I could say it's a great, spine tingling tale of the supernatural and action. I could say it's a study in spiritual awakening or that it's a tale of sacrifice and loss/gain, but none of that tells the true, complete meaning behind this tale.

I guess the best way to try to explain my way out of this is to simply say that if you miss out on this one, you'll never experience the genius behind it's telling.

In spite of disadvantages that might keep the average person from doing anything but feeling sorry for oneself, Grover has crafted a true masterwork, destined, IMHO, to become a classic in the genre.

I am, admittedly, a huge fan of Grover and his work, but this one surpasses all he's done before and delves deeply into the natural and supernatural side of life and leaves one gasping at the inventiveness of the author. Re-reading it several times brought out different things each time and I don't think I've fully grasped all of it yet.

We need to continue to nurture and support the kind of inventive imagination that people like Grover typify. Buy it... read it... love it... be gladdened or saddened by it, but get it.

Catherine Linda Michel

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