Used car salesmen

Was reminded of something that happened to me several years ago and thought I would share it here.

So the girl friend and I were driving down this street when she saw an older XJ6 jaguar in this small used car lot's back lot. Already knowing how much she loved the thought of owning one of those I turned around and went back to talk to them about buying it.

the salesman told me that it needed work and thus the reason it was not out front. I informed him that I would prefer to take it as is and fix it myself, if the price was right. So he got the keys and we went to have a close look at the car.

Interior was shot, would need new carpet and upholestry but everything was there, but the in line 6 engine was missing the carburetors. So I asked where the carburetors were. He told me that he was having them rebuilt by a mechanic.

I then informed him that I was a mechanic and detailed the specific type of carburetors that engine would have had on it then asked again WHO was rebuilding the carburetors. He continued to dodge the question so I finally told him, Look there are maybe 3 people in this area that can rebuild and set up a multi carburetor system with Constant velocity carburetors like the ones that came on this car and I know both the other two so if you can't give me a name I will consider the stock carburetors are now junk and have to be replaced.

He refused the offer I made, so I gave him my number and told him when his mechanic couldn't get the carburetors to work give me a call as my offer would still be good. He never did give me a call, but a couple years later I was scrounging in a junkyard for another project I was building and saw that old Jaguar, looking under the hood it was still missing the carburetors...LOL

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