Becoming Robin, Moving, MotK Delays, etc

Hey guys,

Just posting a quick note here to let ya'll know we're moved. I only just got internet hooked up today. It's not half as fast as what we were expecting, but it's faster than what I did have so that's something.

Chapter 11 of Magic of the Kingdom will be delayed a bit. The move kind of interrupted us finishing it :-P As always it'll be on Patreon first for a week then we'll post it here.

I'm told I should expect the contracts for editing and publishing of Becoming Robin books 2 and 3 sometime soon, so you'll want to grab any comments you want to save. They won't be deleted, just unavailable for public viewing due to the way's contract works.

I'm really happy with the new digs though, and I have some exciting stuff planned for the future, but for now, I'm still recovering from the stress and a massive anxiety attack over the weekend (I'm fine now, just drained still) so, I'm going to sign off on this and get some rest.

We're not planning a Book 3 of Magic of the Kingdom anytime soon, but the way we're writing Book 2's final chapter will leave a lot more questions. I'll just say, it's something we planned from the beginning, just waiting for the right time to do it :-)

Thanks again for all the love and support. It really means the world to Ashly and me <3


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