Looking for "Sweet Sixteen" ideas.

I've been working on my third 'sweet sixteen' story. Our bubbly protagonist is, again, more than she seems at first.

But I'm looking for some ideas for terminology.

As with most technological advances, new jargon is invented. I'm looking for suggestions.

First of all, what do we call the various generations? We currently have the boomers, gen X, gen Y, millennials, and the like. We need terms for:

Those, like our sweet sixteen girl, that were born early enough that they grew up knowing that they would live to less than 100, then die.

Those who watched organ transplant technology advance as they were growing up, and were able to hop into an autodoc at about the time they grew up.

Those who don't remember a time when there wasn't an autodoc.

Also, not a generation really, but those who were shoved into an autodoc as infants for... reasons. Maybe a good reason like being born into a body that just wouldn't live or wouldn't provide a good life. Sort of like Anne McCaffrey's Shell People (from "The Ship Who Sang.")

Those who are a 'brain in a jar,' and live strictly on the Matrix (or on the Internet, if you prefer.) They can be any age.

Also, with the technology to inhabit any body you like, on line or in real life, we will have a number of basic body types. We need ideas, as well as slang terms for them. So far I have:

Barbies (You know... busty, skinny, tall)

Kens (same basic idea -- a male match for the Barbies)

GI Joes

Arnies (Extra muscular, maybe like the original Schwarzenegger, or maybe amped up like they use steroids.)

Furries -- several subtypes

Kitty Girls -- Anime style kitty girls; big eyes, furry tail and ears, but standard human body

Animes -- Anime style bodies in real life


Gargoyles -- those who purposely inhabit grotesque bodies -- Think about the current body mod culture

Supermodels (need a better name)

Fitness Models (Need a better name)

Nextdoors -- The girl next door (as in Playboy) Perfect, symmetrical, clear skin, but not exaggerated in any way.

Klinkers (or Clinkers) -- battle droid types

Fey type, perhaps?

Does anyone have any other ideas of what people might do to themselves, either on a temporary or permanent basis?

Also, I'll eventually need a name for little miss sweet sixteen. And no, "Girly McGirlface" is not on the list of possibilities.

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