Something Happened :D

Its not a bad something, its actually a pretty good one.

You see usually I do a lot of thinking while I'm walking. Many of my stories and chapter ideas come from when I'm walking from place to place. I was walking to Walmart today to meet my mother and sister to do some shopping. I was trying to think of ideas for the next chapter of Whisper Pines when something strange happened: another story came to me. Not a new one either. One that I thought my Muse had abandoned a long time ago....The Unusual Clownfish.

Suddenly a story that I NEVER thought I'd be able to finish, just became very clear to me. I guess my biggest problem with things is that I had a pretty solid idea where I wanted to take the story. The problem was I needed to get the story there but there was this whole second act that was there as well and it was bothering the hell out of me. It also kept me from wanting to write anymore. Today I came to the realization of just cutting the whole act and putting the story where I wanted it to go. I essentially rearranged things in my head. Deciding that the third act works better as the second and the second works better as a sequel to come sometime later. Its still going to be this struggle between Humans and Alphas but there's going to be more to it now.

Highly inspired by the TV show The 100 actually.

So now fans of Clownfish have something to look forward too, as soon as I finish off this first story in The Whisper Pines series :)

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