The online seriel "WORM"

A few weeks ago... or so, someone pointed me via a blog entry, to this online seriel "Worm."

Whoever this was, I have alternately thanked and cursed you. The story is VERY well written and it's also VERY graphic, pulling no punches when it comes to violence. It's compelling and seemingly never-ending. I've read myself into a stupor, trying to reach an end that never seems to come, and yet... I cannot stop reading this damned story!

I'll include a url to access the story, but if you're not a superhero story fan, you'll probably not enjoy it very much. It's also not TG.

I will WARN anyone who is subject to "trigger" instances, as the story is VERY dark and violent, with many graphic incidents although it seems to be non-sexual so far.

Once again, I warn sensitive readers. This is a great story, very well written, almost hypnotic IMHO, but VERY violent and thought provoking.

Catherine Linda Michel

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