Status Update

Ok so I thought I'd give everyone a quick status update on the whole "Tree Fiasco" from last week.

The tree is no longer on my roof, having been removed by my neighbor. He was also nice enough to put a tarp up there, over the hole. So at least I don't have to worry about doing that myself and definitely don't have to worry about paying a professional to take care of the tree. He said he'd fully do that.

The real problem now is all the damage.

My little brother and I took a really good look at it Saturday afternoon. Besides the cracked drywall and the hole, there is a few broken joists in there too. I'm concerned about the cost of repairing such a thing. My brother seems to think that repairing the drywall shouldn't be too hard or expensive. Its the roof and the hole that might be a problem. There's also the fact that my great aunt--whom I live with---will be coming home from Rehab at the end of the week. In case you're wondering, she fell and broke her hip last month. I'm very glad she wasn't in the house when the tree came down.

My aunt is the kind of person who thinks she can get things for free if she asks someone nice enough. That and because she has people whom she thinks are "friends", who are really not. A contractor did some free work for her some years ago on the very same roof. As you can imagine, that didn't go so well because he didn't actually fix anything. That very same contractor is going to supposedly come and take a look "sometime", I'm not very confident in his skill.

I foresee this being troublesome and very expensive.

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