what's going on with me

Ok. the question now is: What's going on? Well I'll tell you. I have the wrap up of LNP so I can send it off to Erin to get it ready for Amazon(proofing and contract). Meanwhile I have another Chrysalis Project in the works. After all that is done, I can start prep-work on my next project which will be a 'free story'. I decided that I will alternate my projects. One free to read here at BCTS, followed by a story that will go for sale on Amazon. you get the idea. LKM, CP, Road Phantoms are all free stories and only to be on BCTS. Those will stay ongoing for the most part. I work on them when I like. The Nightmare Rider is also a free story only for BCTS. As with PomPom and Frills, when LNP goes up on amazon the free version will come down. No need to ask about when that is, a BIG announcement will be posted on the front page to inform the readers, along with the links for you shopping convenience. Thanks to all the readers for their support, kudos and comments. Until later, enjoy the stories from all the wonderful writers here at BCTS! I certainly do.

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