Blog Entry 3rd March 2017- Dizzy

One of my all-time favourite songs by one of my all-time favourite entertainers-

Five days ago I posted this blog entry explaining how I had a bad cold/flu/fever/yuck and the next chapters of my story would be delayed a bit. Well, the good news is my fever broke on Wednesday morning and I started feeling a lot better yesterday.

This morning, at about 3am, I woke up thinking that my bedroom was literally spinning around my head. This happened another four times over the course of the next two hours, and after a phone consultation with a doctor, I am now the proud owner of a diagnosis of labyrinthitis. :-( Right now I'm sat at my desk, only kept upright by a dose of stemetil and some serious willpower. So the next chapters may be a little longer. But they WILL come.

It's especially annoying as the next chapter in the continuity will be the grand finale of Nikki. And it's her birthday today. But she's a tough girl, she can wait. ;-)

Debs xxxx

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