Blog Entry 27th February 2017- Two Weeks

Very surprised to find a song with the appropriate title, even more surprised to find that it's by one of my favourite bands-

Although the song is currently on absolute minimum volume as right now I'm laid up with a head cold. Well, I say 'head cold', I'm not entirely certain my sinus hasn't been pumped full of concrete, it feels so heavy and hurts so much. :-( The 'two weeks' is a reference to the fact that since December 2014, I have managed to put out a new chapter at least once every fourteen days- a record I'm proud of. But a record that might end soon depending on how long this illness lasts. :-( It's especially frustrating as the next chapter in the 'continuity' is the long-awaited grand finale of Nikki. And I'm also working on the fifth part of Jacinta- aka 'the final part of the prologue'. Both stories require a lot more care than I can give them while I'm laid up. So the schedule may slip. I have until Friday... Fingers crossed.

Also, I'm getting pretty sick of the 500 errors on the site. :-( Hope everything is okay with the server...

Debs xxxx

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