Crystal's Storysite seems to be back up... mostly

Whilst wandering the 'net" as I am wont to do on occassion, I discovered that most of Crystal's Storysite seems to be back in operation... mostly. The old chat rooms are not functioning, and some of the other features aren't working, but the stories, the author chats, the author reviews, comments and hit counts are back and accessible.

Ahhh. Memories. How many days and nights I spent in the dark, save for the glow from my computer monitor, talking with people about this and that, punning with Prue and Neri, reading and writing stories with the help of countless others. What a wonderful resource Storysite was during a time in my life when I knew next to nothing about being TG.

There are a LOT of stories that are posted at Storysite that aren't available from other archives, so it's certainly worth a look for stuff you may not have ever seen before.

My most sincere thanks to whoever (prob Piper) has managed to save so much of what truly was a home for so many.

Check out the Author Chats and reviews. There's some priceless stuff there. LOL

Catherine Linda Michel

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