Very cool conversation with my 17y.o.

Last Friday night I was talking with my Daughter and her plans to go to her Junior/Senior Prom at the end of the school year. She isn't dating and was wanting to take her best friend, who is a freshman, as her "date". Her friend I guess you could say for all practical purposes is my niece, her parents have become part of my "chosen" family since my real family mostly abandoned me once I started my transition.

Now I might be being too overprotective, but since her and my "niece" would be going to the Prom I had asked my daughter if they let Parents volunteer as chaperones. My daughter was excited so emailed her teacher that is the head of the Prom committee, and her response was she would be happy to let me volunteer. I just have to be approved by the whole committee and get a background check (no concerns here). My daughter knows 6 transgender kids at the school who will be going to prom also, so the committee shouldn't have a problem with me.

The funny part of the conversation was when I asked my daughter if she knew what it would mean if I got accepted. She looked at me funny and asked what? I just told her that if I do, it means I have to go shopping for a prom dress...

Her and my "niece" have already started planning a shopping spree with not just them two but 3 other friends from school.

I'm not sure what I got myself involved in, but it looks like its going to be a super interesting experience lol.

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