Blog Entry 4th February 2017- Fly to the Angels

I Googled 'songs about flying' and this one came up and well, how could I not? :-)

This blog entry is going to be more about the 'flying' part of my stories rather than the 'Angel' part, and will include spoilers for Fly Girls 16. You have been warned...

So, part 16 of fly girls has been and gone, and the on-off love story between Jessica and Paige is now very firmly on, and staying that way. Part 16 certainly had an air of a 'finale' about it, which was certainly helped by one of the last lines including the phrase 'happily ever after'. And there's no reason why Jessica and Paige can't live happily ever after. No reason why they can't live out the rest of their lives happily. No reason why their story can't end here. Except...

Fly Girls was always intended to be like a soap opera. And in soap operas, you do see regular changes of personnel. Characters come and go- even very important characters. Fly Girls could, in theory, continue without either Jessica or Paige being in the story... Which it will eventually do. Hence, I've taken the decision to declare the first 16 chapters of Fly Girls to be 'season 1'. Chapter 17 will kick off 'season 2', and will introduce new characters, including a new protagonist at the start of her journey from male to female. That's not to say that I'm rebooting it completely, of course- we will see Jessica and Paige's wedding, we will learn if there was any fallout from their PDA in the airport, we will see Natalie trying to 'manage' her sister's relationship with the billionaire's daughter, and we will see the continuation of the 2017 Tutu Project. In fact, our new character will be integral to the new Tutu Project, but that's all I'm prepared to say for now. But by 'branding' it as a new season, hopefully it'll be able to act as a jumping-on point for people who haven't followed Fly Girls up until now. :-)

Also, it's been almost ten months since my last 'Across the Universe' blog entry, so number 3 will be coming on the 20th. :-)

Debs xxxx

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