The Power of the Written Word

The power of the written word is a line I have heard my whole life. In this day and age of Social Media, I was beginning to fear that the power of the written word was dying. Yesterday, two things happened that proved to me that the power of the written word is not yet dead.

The first came as a PM sent to me by a person who was reading my story Alexa Chapter 15. It told me how I had connected with them and how I had done so effectively. It things like that, that as writers we try and achieve. The Kudos are nice but we mostly want to connect with someone, even one person. If what I have written can move someone, I feel lucky. Sometimes that emotion will be a good and other times we may hit a nerve that brings back unpleasant memories. We do not try and do that, but occasionally it does happen. I never want to bring someone sorrow, I am someone who likes to joke. But I can see where a story can touch a raw nerve. I write my stories because I enjoy it, connecting with a reader is a bonus.

I also had the opposite side of the ledger last night, where a story moved me. The story was Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 16 by Debbie V. As many of my readers probably know, Debbie and I are friends. This is the story that started our friendship and I have been very emotional about it. The latest chapter moved me as a reader to tears, not tears of sorrow but tears of happiness. To have someone who can touch my being that much is a magical thing. That words can simply be placed on a web site and cause that much emotion is a great thing. Yes, I may be a little biased of the author, but I became friends because of the written word. And the power of the written word was shown to me again with that story. Debbie is not the only writer that can touch of feelings inside me. This site is full of those writers that can touch someone,

So, the moral of this is: Writers of BC, keep producing the wonderful works you do. Show that the written word is not dead. Words bring emotion. Whether it by joy or sadness, pain or elation, just know what you are producing can touch somebody. Readers, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on our stories and PLEASE keep supporting this wonderful site.

The written word is not dead!

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