Questions about submitting stories

Okay, I've submitted a few stories, but I have some questions that remain unanswered:

First, I work over my stories quite a few times, but after I cannot be sure that they don't have errors. So, how do I find an editor?

Second, I submitted a multipart story to Fictionmania. I was thinking about re-submitting it here. I have noted that some stories appear both on Big Closet and on Fictionmania. Is there any protocol about submitting a story on both sites? Is it considered "bad form?"

Now a comment: I find it difficult to search the site for a particular key word or category. I wish that this could be done by being able to go to a keyword or category search from the home page. Likewise, I cannot figure out how to search for a title in the same manner. I will take any and all suggestions.

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