Blog Entry 13th January 2017- Waiting for a Story to Fall

It's two letters different. That's close enough for me- . It was originally going to be this one, and the blog title would've been the slightly non sequitur-ish 'inexplicable bagpipe solo'. :-)

I know following my stories must be frustrating, especially if you only follow one or two, you'll be waiting sometimes months between chapters. ( This could probably have been an appropriate song for this entry, in hindsight.) For a while now, I've maintained an official Jamieverse Wiki, which I've used myself as a reference tool and (much-needed) glossary for my stories, and I've decided it would be the perfect place to put a list of upcoming chapters. :-) The actual running order will probably deviate a little from what's listed there, but that's more or less what the next few months of stories from me will look like. :-)

Debs xxxx

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