Season Stuff...

This has been quite an unusual year in many respects. But the strangest of all is the fact that two holidays, or religious events depending upon one's perspective, coincide; Christmas and Hanukkah. Well...being a faithful adherent to Paganism, it doesn't take much for us to be dancing around a tree. Indeed any tree will do and any time of year is 'kosher'? As for lighting candles, well...we light them at the drop of a hat...or any other piece of clothing. And, being Irish, after a pint or two...or three...we're likely to do so with greater vigor.

But when we think of what both holidays represent to many of all faiths, or lack thereof, we think of peace and good will for all people AND redemption, freedom and rededication of faith for those with the strength and will to fight for it. This year's 'Wee Bit O' Fluff' sort of deals with all of these issues.

I do hope you enjoy this little effort and I wish us all, Christian, Pagan, and Jew (as the song goes) a joyous and healthy season.




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