New chapter of Bian posted

This is the end of the first "book" which I think I will call "Castle and Road". Next chapter will begin book 2 which will concern the city of Lundenna.

I've had some more fun with the language in this chapter though I left one word untranslated. People can probably guess what it is from the context.

Lundenna is London, a medieval London different from the one in our world. The Bloddish conquest of Bian left Lundenna a Saxon island in a Bloddish sea and after almost 90 years the situation has become stable and beneficial to everyone. Lundenna is a free city and practices a form of well-fortified democracy while trading with the Bloddings, the Remice, the Anglanders and the stump of the Saxon kingdom as well as anyone else that can be reached by ship from their wide estuary, The Temzis. Inside its three walls you might find Easterlings from beyond Preuz, maybe even a few Yezites from Yezbuul on the Middle Sea.

There are certainly representatives from all the Bloddish Kongen and from Rema and Vails and the Green Isle; from the Scotti, the Danes, the Geats and others. Maybe even a Hann traveler from faraway Gathe. :)

Should be exciting for Gussie. Hope to see you there in two weeks.


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