Ideas come from Everywhere!

I have just posted a new Alexa B-Side story today. I had stated when I posted the Dick at the Bar B-Side last night that I had a second story related to chapter 11 of Alexa in the works. This is not that story, I am still working on that story. This story comes directly from a recommendation from a comment posted on Dick at the Bar. I thought it was an excellent idea and ran with it this morning.

The B-Side stories have come from many different places. Being that Alexa is being told in the first person, it is fun to tell the story from another point of view that I am sometimes not able to show. One B-Side came from a section of a story I deleted but I enjoyed the scene so much I wanted to post it or as the case of Dick at the Bar, trying to get through a case of writer’s block and also deciding to give a friend a little gift. You never know I might take someone else’s idea and put it to words.

The point of this blog entry is to show that I, like many of the other authors, do listen to some of your comments. In fact, at times they become parts of the story. So please, do not hesitate to make comments on any story, whether it is through the comments portion of a story or sending the author a message. If I had not taken the time to message an author I don’t know if I ever would have begun writing Alexa. So, if you like a story or blog, take a moment and let the author know. Remember most of us write these stories for ourselves and others to enjoy and not for financial reward. Our ‘payment’ is the supportive comments we receive. Who knows you might find that we will incorporate those thoughts into our stories. Thanks, cbee for the story idea!

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