Tree Hugger

To begin with Tree Hugger is a story I began more than a few years ago and had been forgotten. Lost in an archive until...

A few weeks ago I had a catastrophic computer failure. My motherboard died. That computer had some <cough> exotic parts in it that let it our preform everything built for its first 5-6 years of life and even after 13 years of perfect service allowed it to keep up with all but the high end gaming PCs built today.

So the old motherboard, RAM, CPU and CPU cooler were replaced and I'm only mildly over clocking the new CPU to 4.10 Ghz for now. I am a stickler for backing up so of course nothing was lost, but in going thru the back ups many forgotten stories were found.

Something bothered me about Tree Hugger when I was setting up the first post of that old story. I could not put my finger on it, so I went ahead and posted it to see if anyone could see what I was missing. Well someone did point out a problem they saw and as soon as I read his remarks I realized that was exactly what was bothering me about the story too.

So I'm sorry to say it may be some time before I get back to Tree Hugger, as I plan on going through with a complete rewrite of the story, including the first two chapters that are in the current post. So for now I will be sitting that story on the back burner while I get caught up on Kelly's story and Super Soldier.

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