New chapters of my serials

I hadn't been able to do much writing for the last two months but I've discovered, or re-discovered, something. Writing energizes me.

One of the reasons I wasn't writing was that I had so much else to do that it seemed wasteful of my time to write. And yet, I wasn't getting all that much of those tasks done either. Just staying even with the site was about all I could do.

This weekend, I resolved to post a chapter of each of my current serials, Bian which is approaching the end of the first book in what may be a nine book series, and Vector which I took over from Lainie Lee and which is getting ready for a medium size reveal.

So I wrote and posted two chapters, about 4000 words total, over the last four days.

Bian -19- Blood and Darkness
Vector -6- Prayer?

And now I feel energized, despite suffering from a cold and my usual sinusitis. Look out world, here I come. :)


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