Quick Update On Things

A couple of people have been PMing me wondering if I've fallen into a hole or something, I just wanted to post this to let everyone know I'm ok. I've just been trying to figure things out creatively with a couple of stories of mine. i hate leaving things unfinished but more often then not, it seems to turn out that way. Especially with me as of late. It sucks too because things go so well and then I just can't seem to get the rest of it done :(.

I've been distracted as of late too. Not only with my sinuses, which hate me this time of year but Bethesda went and screwed my muse over by rereleasing Skyrim. So I've been lost in that again.

I also have my elderly great aunt to contend with. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here or not but I live with her and take care of her as much as I can. She has COPD and suffers from some pretty serious anxiety. The anxiety attacks have been getting increasingly worse and troublesome for me. Any medication she's prescribed she refuses to take because she "hates the way it makes her feel" or she's suddenly "allergic" to it. So of course the anxiety gets worse because of those reasons. Any spare time I manage to muster I'm either asleep or trying to get out of the house away from it.

I have been trying though. I started writing something new to help, something fun which I'm sure I'll never finish fully. Its something fun to do in the meantime.

Hopefully I'll get things back on track soon :)


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