On the road.

In a few hours we'll be hitting the road. Grover, Paula, and dog named Tink, but no cat much less one named Kalamazoo. Sorry, I get silly when tired!

This move has been hell. If someone can't help they should just say no they can't, not say yes with empty promises.

That said, everyone here at BC has been my personal miracle. Between GoFundMe and personal donations, you all made a difference. Perhaps more than any other our dear friend Cathy got the word out about our plight and made our move possible.

Mind you it still doesn't have near enough cushion to ease my peace of mind, but while it remains somewhat of a 'wing and prayer' with a little good fortune we should be fine.

Yes, praying to god is on our 'checklist' thank you John Candy.

We will be off line for about two weeks maybe more, but we do have our phones. That will be a new experience attempting to log in via that way.

Thank you Girls so much and the Biggest of hugs to each and every one!

Grover and Understanding Spouse!

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