I'm usually an advocate for "Every Vote Counts,"

And that if you don't vote when you can, you shouldn't (not CAN'T, never 'can't,') complain most of the time, but this year....

This year.

I was registered on time. I've been following things, planning to cast my own vote (the 'Deez Nutz' ticket, if anyone's curious.) But when it came down to actually going today, seeing every single Trump sign up and down the roads, knowing just how the ticket would fall regardless of whatever I did.

Call me a coward, but I stayed home.

I'm watching the inevitable happen. One of the two candidates who are viable in our "of course it isn't a two party system" two party system is going to win. Honestly? I'm not sure who would be better or worse.

I commend everyone in the US who took the time to cast their vote. Regardless of who it was for, you exercised your right to choose, and that's what's important here. This year, I actively chose not to vote. Call it a weak protest, but in the end I feel it's the best option I could have taken.

Good luck to everyone.

Melanie E.

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