The joys of moving

This a update on what I've been up to as well as a request for aid. After my open heart surgery last year it's been one heck of a struggle to keep up with the bills and life in general.

My Understanding Spouse has recently gotten a new job, but it is in another city and state. We knew it was going to be tough moving, but we thought we had it covered. Finding an apartment long distance was not fun, but we did find what seems to be a nice place. She left her old job and is currently working from home until she has to appear in person in mid November.

Then Murphy decided to get in on the act. The money we thought we had wasn't there and finding financial help has proven difficult.

A friend suggested Gofundme and that's what we're hoping will work for us. I know many of you are in the same hand to mouth situation Understanding Spouse and I are in, but if you can afford a few bucks it would be great.

The link is

Big Hugs!

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