No Update

Nothing new. Sorry. This blog was written a bit differently before, I apologize for that too. Today has kinda sucked for me to be honest. It started out a lot later than I wanted and it just sorta slid down hill from there. Some personal shit of mine came crashing at me earlier this evening. Stuff that had been building to a head over the week and it finally got to me. I wrote the blog after that. First rule of writing---at least to me---Never Write Angry.

That doesn't explain why there's not going to be an update tomorrow though :(

You see I wrote Ch.7. I really loved Ch.7. Or I thought I did. I went on to write Ch.8 and I got stuck. Something was really bothering me about it and I couldn't figure out what. I talked to some people about it, had them take a look even but all of them were stumped too. Then it occurred to me what was was ch.7. There was something in there that was so uncharacteristically wrong that it didn't settle well with me. It was on a subconscious level with me first. Then I reread over what I wrote and I realized that I hated it. So the other day I deleted it then sat down to write it the "proper" way. The only thing is, the proper way never came. I just drew a blank. I'm still drawing a blank to be honest. At this point I have no idea what I want to do or where I want to take it.

So no Ch.7 anymore. No update tomorrow. Probably not going to be an update for several weeks to be honest. Well hopefully not but at this point I have no damn clue.

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