Summer's over

Summer is officially over, while for most people summer is a time for fun and many outdoor activities. For myself summer is very close to a living nightmare as they change our schedule to a 4 ten hour day work week. I'm told this save hundreds of thousands of dollars not having light, air conditioning, etc running for that one day each week.

While most would think, "Why would anyone think of a summer filled with 3 day weekends a nightmare?" Consider this, resetting your alarm to get up in the middle of the night so that you can get showered, dressed, cook and eat breakfast, etc. With the 45 minute drive to work that meant getting up between 3:30 and 4 am every morning. Then getting home with no energy to do anything other than go to bed, if you don't fall asleep in the chair you first sat down in when you got home.

Friday finally arrives and you find yourself too tired due to lack of sleep and not eating properly that you spend the day recovering from the lack of sleep from the 4 days you did work. Saturday rolls around and you have all this house work to do that you didn't have time to get done during the week. Sunday you race around trying to complete what you couldn't get done Saturday.

Just thought I would write this to let everyone know why there has been almost no updates to my stories over the past few months. So now that the nightmare is over I can get back to writing, that is just as soon as I coax my muse out from under the bed where it ran and hid away from the madness :)

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