BigCloset TopShelf's December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest


December 2016
Spirit of Giving

Story Contest
Entry Submission Dates are from now through December 23, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time!
Prizes currently are 1 x $250, 1 x $150, and 12 x $100 USD paypalled or gift vouchered. Prizes subject to go up!

Admin Note: Samantha MD has assisted me in the forming of this contest and her help and ideas were crucial for it. ~Sephrena.

The theme for this year's Christmas contest is the spirit of giving. This is where a selfless act of kindness is shown within the story either towards or from the main character. Either the main character or a secondary character needs to be trans, gay, lesbian, bi, or intersexed.

That's it.

How you develop the story is entirely up to you. ^^

The story can use any plot device, any theme variation at all: from romantic, action, horror, to comedy, etc. and any time period or setting.

Stories can be any length and chaptered. Stories must be brand new and never posted anywhere else on the Internet or published.

Multiple submissions are allowed with only the submission with the most kudos of any author's total submissions to claim a prize.


Some possible ideas, in case people have writer's block can include: the giving of one's life, giving of an organ, standing in for someone else because of a situation, rescuing someone, a present someone dearly wanted, etc.

Some variations of theme can include various services of people not often written about: Fire and Rescue services, EMT, Police, Airlines, Military, Local Aid Organizations, Hospitals, College students, etc. Try to be different and creative.

These are not the only ones, come up with your own! Music is always a good choice too :)


Please remember to label your submissions on the ++Fiction page under the heading box of Contests and properly select December 2016 Spirit of Giving Christmas Story Contest on your Submission(s).

When you write an entry, please tag it with this in the story teaser:

<div align="center"><img src="/topshelf/system/files/u1973/lights06.gif" width="480" height="22" alt="lights06.gif" /></div>
<div align="center"><font color='#3344ff'><strong><em>December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry</em></strong></font></div>

to display your entry:

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry


Currently, I have set up the prize structure to 12 x $100 winners, and SamanthaMD is including 1 x $250, and 1 x $150 USD winners using either paypal to send or else an Gift voucher of $100 for the winners. We may be able to get an additional prize or two depending on what happens between now and Christmas. The winners will be the stories with the most kudos!

The reason for the change of prize setup this year is that I wanted to try something different that was more inclusive for everyone.


The winners will need to pm Sephrena with their paypal account names to transfer their prize awards to or else email address for the gift voucher option.
All prizes will be transferred very soon after the winners announcement.



So get your Laptops, PC's, Apples, Ipads, or Smartphones geared up and start writing! ^^


Sephrena Lynn Miller
BigCloset TopShelf



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