August Contest: Alternate August - Deadline TONIGHT!

As a writer I am constantly asking myself, “What if?” So what if we lived in a society that had completely different values and taboos?

How about an alternate society where homosexuality was the norm and someone that found themselves attracted to the opposite sex was considered to have a very bad mental problem? What if that person was forced to be treated for being mentally deviant? What if they are forced to go through a sex change so their body now reflects their sexual preference?

What about a society where polygamy is the norm and a couple that wishes to only have a marriage with each other and no ‘extra’ husbands or wives may be considered selfish? Maybe such a marriage between only two people is not even legal? What kind of problems would this couple have? What kind of pressures would their friends, society or even the government place on them to change their attitudes?

So the Rules:

1. Contest entry has to take place in an Alternate Reality where society has a completely different set of values. The two settings above are only examples, use your imagination as to the values in your story. Feel free to use one of the examples too if you wish.

2. The story does not have to be a solo. The author is welcome and even encouraged to continue the story line but it does need to be self-contained and bring some form of conclusion to the part of the story that is posted. For instance your protagonist is male that desires females, he is taken to a treatment center. He does not wish to change, he fights the mental conditioning, eventually he either finally begins to see other males as sexually attractive, or he is forced into a sex change she does not want, or he escapes the treatment center. All three are conclusions to the story arc, man is forced to change his sexual views, but allow the author to continue the story if he or she wishes.

Prizes will be 1 year subscription for 1st place, 6 months for 2nd and 3 months for 3rd. Erin will handle choosing the winners, although I am sure it will be like many contests before by using the Kudos count.

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