If only there was more time

I have received numerous messages asking about the lack of updates to my stories especially, Project: Super Soldier. I do appreciate the concern and I am actually fine and have no intention of leaving any of those stories unfinished. I’m having way too much fun writing them to do that!
What has happened is that work got very busy which left me without as much time in the evenings to write. Then a few weeks ago upper management decided to move us to a 4 day 10 hour work week over the summer. They say it will save money but I think someone just wanted a summer filled with 3 day weekends… LOL.

While all those 3 days weeks sound great, getting up in the middle of the night, yes they extended our hours to earlier hours to save on running the air conditioning. So the extra day off that sounded so great is now used to do the house work that did not get done during the week and to prepare all the meals I want for the following week into homemade ready meals that can be microwaved, since I am too tired to try to cook during the week.

All this leaves me with only a handful of hours each weekend that I can actually sit down in front of my computer and actually work on progressing one of the stories.

The next part of Project: Super Soldier is very close to being completed, hopefully with what amounts to a 4 day holiday weekend for me, barring any interruptions, I can complete the section and get it posted. While it does include the anticipated fight with the football team it is by no means the conclusion of Kat’s story or future stories about her and the project.

For those that have also enjoyed ‘Kelly’s story, A Whateley Tale’ and ‘For Better or Worse’, they have not been abandoned either and will continue right where they left off once I have time to work on them.

And special thanks to Shadowsblades and Branek, two very good friends that have kept me grounded and focused during the temporary insanity that work has become.

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