Coming Soon: Jessie Hanks II

When Chris and I finished "Eerie Saloon: Spring", we did a tease about the next story in the series being another single adventure of Jessie and Paul. We hoped to get it done and posted fairly soon, say mid 2015.

Unfortunately, "Life" had other ideas. For one thing, the final work of "Spring" was done while I was in a rehab hospital, beginning my (lengthy) recovery from colostomy surgery,

Also, Chris and I have this need to get things right. I have almost 20 pages of notes on Apache culture. There are lots of other notes on stage coach lines and on different aspects of the flora and fauna (OY, the fauna!) of Arizona.

I finished the first half of the story in the fall of 2015. Chris and I went through three iterations of comments before I set it aside and started drafting the second half.

I finally finished the first draft of that second half about two weeks ago and sent it to Chris for his comments. That took a few days. As always, his comments were well-considered (even if I didn't agree with all of them) and lengthy.

I sent off my response, a lengthy comment letter AND the first edit of the text today. Chris will take a few days to comment and then send it back to me.

We'll go through three or four iterations of comments on Part II. Then we'll go through at least one round on the whole story. It may take a while, but the end is in sight, and I EXPECT to be posting the tale in early to mid-Summer, about two years (SIGH!!) after we posted "Spring."

Incidentally, we HAVE begun working on "SUMMER." My notes on possible plot lines run to over a page, so it may take a while.

So, to all out fans, patience please.


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