HTML and my books and stories

Hi Everyone,

Yes, I agree HTML is easy to use. It is wonderful if all I wish to present is text.

That is the reason you find very few images in the stories I post here (and very few stories).

When I write a book, I use a "LOT" of images, possibly one every three to four pages. In order to post anywhere using HTML, I must remove those images so I can cut and paste the text alone. This is very time consuming for me, ergo, I don't publish much if HTML is the path I must take. By the way, the format I use for my stories, and another reason why I must cut and paste the text, is 6 x 9 (inches). That is the "trade" paperback (semi-hardcover) size. I cut and paste text to the site so the multiple size and shape capability remains rather than force the 6 x 9 down everyone's throat. The publishers prefer the 6 x 9 (dead tree publishing).

The only time I resort to pdf ( sometimes doc ) is when the recipient cannot render wpd format.

Why do I use wpd? I have done so since the 1980's (I think) when we first began to use it for legal work. In the 1990's (94 I think) Microsoft Word began to follow the same path as WordPerfect and (possibly through some mutual agreement) the two began to add the ability to translate from doc and docx to wpd and back with relative impunity.

Yes, Piper, I do believe you are correct in your thoughts that a grad student came up with WordPerfect originally. I have heard that as well.

If any of you wonder about my "heavy" use of images, I did not place them into the text material Red MacDonald and I have been exchanging (for temporary simplicity during the writing of the stories) but he will be able to confirm I have inundated him with images pertinent to the story(s) we are writing.

Obtaining licenses for those images has been expensive (in some cases). Other images either I or one of three photographer/ computer graphics illustrators, with whom I work extensively, have been created for such use. ( I'm a photographer with access to some unusual sources of imagery - hence, the expense). In general, I probably have eight to twelve hundred Euros invested in a story in images alone. Images help me create a story so they are important to my creative process.

Well, thank you for listening (or reading, actually).

God Bless you all,


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