Going on the Honor System here

So, if you've got a story for the competition and haven't posted it yet, I'm trusting y'all to get 'em in by Midnight (February 5th 2016) your local time zone. With the response we've had I don't see any reason to prolong the due date, especially after the idea being submitted garnered minimal concern.

Also, just a reminder: as of right now the prizes are:

--First: 9 months-1 year access to Big Closet's premium service (first 3 months from me, further months thanks to the courtesy and kindness of DallasF and Angela Rasch!)
--In addition, because of the very nice Qmodo, our top two runners-up will each receive a 3 month sub to the same service!

Final tally of all Kudos awarded to stories will be done before I go to work Sunday night (so around 9:00 PM CST,) with the winner's first 3 months of Premium being delivered to the winner that night via PM. I'll work out with Dallas and Angie how we'll handle the continued service access too.

Also, for all those concerned, keep in mind that not only am I ineligible, but both Erin and Angela herself have decided to decline consideration for the prize. That doesn't make the competition any less fierce though, so get out there and dredge up a few Kudos!

Here's the complete list of contest entries, so if you haven't checked 'em all out, do so!

Melanie E.

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