My apology for lying

Well, I owe everybody an apology. I lied to you all. The picture on my profile is my best friend Jessica. A very supportive friend I might add. Im not a girl or transgendered for that matter. Im just gay. And I've struggled with this because my family is very conservative and I felt had I been a girl my life would be easier so I thought I was transgendered, I found this great community who accepted all of that without question so I created this person who wasnt me but who I wanted to be. I created this persona, a back story, a whole life. A life that was a lie. The truth is im a 19 year old boy named Ronald. Many of you may know this in some form, most of jessicas blogs are based off of my life and ive mentioned that being my name. But I feel that the good this site did for me and the problems just pretending to be jessica helped me are deserving of an apology to all of you. Youre amazing people, truly the nicest most supporting people ive ever had the pleasure of interacting with. The guilt of lying to everybody has weighed havily on my conscious and that why chii dissapeared from the site. I dont even remember the password or email associated with that account, so I made a new one to apologize to everybody and come back to thw site with a new name and no lies.

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