I know I was MIA and I'm Sorry

I wanted to write an apology to everyone who has been supportive of my writing for the last 11 years. Real Life for the last 2 years has been hectic. Early in 2013 I had 6 months of dealing with a chronic acute gall bladder infection caused by stones. Gall bladder had to be removed. After that, I re-wrote FatIT as Tenjin for general consumption and promptly hit a dry spell that stymied both recreational and professional writing. I'm so, so, sorry FatIT Part 6 is taking so long to produce; I am at least as frustrated as anyone that it's not out there right now being read. The existence of Tenjin was never meant to replace FatIT as I've seen suggested on TVTropes.

Then I met a girl, got my ass to the gym and dropped over 30kg and my life is turning around. I've got a new universe idea that I'm excited about; the first story is getting plotted out right now. Once I break my dry spell, I'm glaring at the elephant in the room, FatIT Part 6, the final part which will probably be written in tandem with stuff I can get paid for. On the plus side, Onyx Path, the producers of Exalted, seem determined not to publish Exalted 3e before I finish FatIT (joke, I have no contact or association with Onyx Path). Then there's the other elephant in the other room, the next Sara Waite story, Anecdotal Apocalypse Antidote which is on the cards. These are my primary concern. Sometime in the far-flung future when the new Lunars book comes out for Exalted 3e, there may be a new Exalted story.

Right, the new story. It's a spiritual successor to Merlin High, Kage Hime and Hold the Salt. The universe doesn't have a name yet but some elements will be lighter in tone than my previous work. I want to write a much more fun story... sexy without delving too deep into some of the edgier subject matter I've dealt with before.

Speaking of which, over the last year I've done a lot of soul searching, particularly after reading some of the previous comments I've made here and elsewhere. I'd like to apologize to a lot of you, I know most of you were giving constructive feedback and I have been snappy previously. I hope you can understand that between putting my heart on the line, being wary of internet comments that can be caustic on occasion (to the point of some commenters elsewhere openly stating that they were attempting to badger me into quitting) and my own personal issues, my state of mind over the last 11 years hasn't been the best. To those who have been nothing but civil and honest with me despite my problems, I think I'm better, wiser, calmer and more prepared now and I can only promise to handle your comments in a better manner and ask your forgiveness for some of my previous comments.

I don't want to promise more fiction when I feel like I've been doing that for over 2 years. I can only ask you all to trust that I want to write more so badly and not being able to has been hellish for me. Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry for the delay.

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