Concerning "Duty Calls"

Hi Everyone;

For those of you who have given up on seeing the completion of "Duty Calls"...

A recent comment attached to chapter 40 of "Duty Calls" prompted me to send a PM in answer. After some thought I felt I should also post a blog to let you know where things stand.

The story is still "in the works" so to speak. My own work has sidetracked me for this past year and appears to be prepared to continue that at least for the rest of this one.

Some of you know why but most of you don't and I'm not going to go into that here. Suffice to say I'm busier than I want to be.

Chapter 40 (posted prior to June 2014) was the last material which TDAldoennetti had partial (very partial in most cases) dialogue written and research completed along with at least a partial outline for the chapter. The next chapter that has an outline is somewhere around 45 or 46 (at a guess) so I've been stuck trying to come up with bridge chapters to get from 40 to those for which there is research and outline preparation.

I have chapters 41 and 42 written with a portion of 43 and at this point figure I'm about halfway to the next material for which Teddi had prepared an outline. As most of you have guessed, things are heating up in the live of Lucy, Randolf, and Lynn.

In an effort not to stall once again, I intend to complete the story prior to posting any further chapters. Once the story is completed then I'll post one chapter every two or three days until the story is completed. Please don't hold your breath anyone. As I mentioned above, further posting is likely still many months away.

God Bless You all


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