Suit Your Self #1 in Kindle LGBT Science Fiction!

My Suit Your Self at the Amazon Kindle Store has been #1 in LGBT Science Fiction all weekend! This is after languishing in the Lulu store for years so the move to Kindle is probably paying off for The Hatbox.

What's more, I'm told that another Doppler Press publication, Heather O'Malley's 300 Rains is still in the top ten on the same hit parade after having a share of the #1 earlier in the month!

I couldn't be more pleased, both are fine books in my opinion. Suit Your Self is a bodysuit romp with exploding timewarps and people getting locked out of hotel rooms. 300 Rains is a slow, suspenseful transformation and an intense character study. If you like TG SF, I think you will like both of them. :)


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