Every Ending is Just a Beginning, you know. And goodbye is just hello...

I looked back at my notes. Comdex was started in March of 2002. Twelve years of having a story hanging over my head. In that time, things we take for granted in criminal investigations have moved from an esoteric field (I had help from a Florida State Trooper) to being a TV show.

Cruise ships have had their dirty laundry aired to the public. The worth of the telemedicine equipment described early on to the cruise lines has proven invaluable.

It's been fun. I'm pleased the story will go full circle in Chapter 13.

About that. There's an entire side of Kate never seen and a chance for healing the hearts of Many of the Characters you've come to know in Comdex, and in Always Honor. Umpteen chapters, and the story is finished. It's all written and I'll start releasing chapters in January.

In the meantime, You get the last chapter of Comdex as my Christmas present to you all.

I'm not sure I'd even be here if not for Big Closet, Thank you Erin.

With hugs, love, and blessing I wish you the merriest of Christmases and a Blessed New Year

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