Becoming Julie

Becoming Julie: My incredible journey by Julie Clarke. I have left out a link so that readers can use this site's own one.

I was bored, and so I went to Amazon and put in the search term 'transsexual', to be given the usual deluge of crap ranging from p0rn to Janice bloody Raymond. In the middle was this book.

It concerns a transsexual woman now living on a small Scottish island (are you listening, Sue Brown?) and as I read the first few pages I knew that we had so, so much in common. This is real transition, real life, and is very, very readable. I know a lot of the places in the book, but just two things can serve as examples of the connection between my life and the author's:

Avoiding certain routes home for fear of attack by other 'school friends'
Having a doctor say to one's parents "It's OK, they'll grow out of it". The 'it' in my case was my second suicide attempt.

Thank you for this book, Julie.

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