Transsexual Woman

Hello Everyone,

My name is Julie Richards and I am a transsexaul woman. I have not had my SRS, but all other aspects of my transition are in place.

So far, my transition has been a wonderful experience of self discovery. After a lifetime of allowing the expectations of others and society to dictate to me that I had to act and live as a man, my self discovery quest has taught me that I can stand up and be confident in who I am. So, I started dressing as I desired, then made friends who knew I was transgendered, and with their support I finally realized that I am not sick, but just me - a transsexual woman.

I am happy, on hormones, and loving life, which I will love a lot more once I find a job where I can continue/finish my transition. Anyone need a good secretary?

Hugs to all,
Julie Richards

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