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Becoming Robin Interlude - On The Horizon

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Becoming Robin
~* Interlude - On The Horizon *~

I had originally written this as a comment to chapter six, Love is in the Air, but I kind of got on a roll and wrote more than I felt comfortable placing in my own story comments section, SO! I'm posting this here, and I'll probably child page it under Chapter Six for organization's sake. Thank you everyone, for your continued support. It really does mean a lot to me :-D

On Becoming Robin, And Other Things

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Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't posted a blog entry in awhile, but since returning from Hot Springs, there hasn't been anything drastically different enough to be blog-worthy. Basically it all ties into the second big trip I'll be taking this summer, which is why I'm posting this :-)

List of Therapists?

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A little while ago someone sent me a link to trusted therapists who are not only experienced with, but actually WANT to deal gender issues. I can not for the life of me FIND that link. I'm about to resort to sorting through every comment on Becoming Robin as well as my blogs in order to find that blasted link once I finish watching Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (Thanks Melanie! ;-)).

All You Need (Is One Good Friend) - Part Two

All You Need (Is One Two Good Friends)

So, as I type this, I'm sitting across from Ms. Edeyn, laughing my ass off at a conversation between she and Erin.

All You Need (Is One Good Friend)

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All You Need (Is One Good Friend)

"All you need is love", I've heard. Not quite, at least for me. I learned tonight the value of having one true friend: just one, who's there to remind you you're not alone, and to anchor you in reality.

Humanity freaking terrifies me :-/

I think I'm going to be sick. I mean, literally, physically want to run to the bathroom ill right now.

While doing some research for my next writing project in Robin's life, I stumbled across an article on transgender student athletes in Connecticut. The responses almost brought me to tears, thinking that human beings could be so cruel toward CHILDREN in their comments!

I warn you, this is NOT for the faint at heart, like myself, but you have to be one sick, callous son of a bitch to write this kind of bile.

Short Stories, or "How do you tell your muse to shut up?"

Seriously! I have a few ideas I'm kicking around that would make neat stories, but as you've seen with Becoming Robin when the creative juices start flowing they Do. Not. Stop.

I've had authors here tell me they wish they could write novel-length works, but I have the exact opposite problem, in that I can't sit down and write a short story. I'm a sucker for detail and drawn-out plots, extensive narration and dialogue.

Becoming Robin 15 & 16: a conundrum

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As I sit staring at my screen, I wonder if I've taken too much, too fast with Robin's life.

The 'problem' is that Robin has lived in role all of a week to a week and a half, but she's taken to being Robin so absolutely naturally because of the loving support of her friends and family. She's been allowed to be who she always was inside, and she wants to take that a step further as quickly as possible.

Rewriting - Thoughts?

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Hey all,

I haven't posted a serious, personal blog in awhile for pouring all my energy into working on Becoming Robin

Spoiler warning: If you haven't read chapter 13 yet I'm going to be touching on plot elements ahead. Feel free to skip to "[The Main Point]" section if you just want the point of my posting this minus spoilers :-D

Small French translation request

Just a quick question. How does one refer to two or more females as "very beautiful" in French?

It's part of the next chapter. I want to be absolutely certain I get it right, but I haven't studied foreign language since High School ;-)

The exact sentence is,

“My young friends, you both look very beautiful!"

I can't remember if it's tré or trés. I remember 'Belle' means 'Beauty' because of Beauty and the Beast, but that's about it.

Thanks in advance! :-D


Story Idea for Anyone That Wants It - Phases

I couldn't decide whether to post this under the Writing Forum or Writer's Challenge, since technically this isn't a writing challenge, but a story idea.

Something I said in a blog awhile ago has really stuck with me. I commented about how my feelings tend to travel in cycles, where there are times I feel just ridiculously over-feminine, and then there are times when it's the farthest thing from my mind.

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I've been writing for around six years now. Before I found BCTS I tried many times to write, but just could never get anywhere with it. Here, I met authors and editors with real world experience, who helped me to find my author's voice. And I met friends here, who helped me to define who I am.

I'm a 35 year old trans woman, lesbian, but I am also a wordsmith, a gamer, a musician, photographer, and YouTube Content Creator. I am many shades of goth, but I also love tie dye. I listen to every genre of music from 60s rock to traditional Celtic.

I proudly define myself as Neo-Pagan, but hold on to my Christian roots because, despite they define my empathy for other human beings.

I am the author of the novel series Becoming Robin, the heartwarming story of a transgender teenager on the path to self-acceptance in her new life.

I'm also the co-creator of a number of stories with my writing partner and girlfriend Ashleigh (AKA Dark Kitten). You can find the rest of our joint-written stories by clicking here!


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