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ESwS #1 - Chapter 11 - Back in Pink!

The morning after Sarah returned home, she awoke before her mother and groggily wondered downstairs to make coffee for her. As she stared at the coffee maker, watching the coffee slowly drip into the glass pitcher below, she yawned, blinking a few times.

“What... Why am I making coffee?” She grimaced as familiar memories flooded to the surface. She always made coffee when she got up before Meg because her mother tended to oversleep after a long day of college plus homework. She smiled thoughtfully.

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 25

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* Girl, Interrupted *~

“Robin, there you are,” she gasped. I could tell, just by the fact that she used my real name, that something was wrong. “I need to speak to you in private. It’s important.”

I glanced at the girls briefly, flashing an apologetic smile before standing and following Alice outside.

“We just received a phone call this morning, sweetie. I’m so sorry. Your friend Sarah was involved in some kind of accident.”

ESwS #1 - Chapter 10.2 - Not so Sunny

And now for the conclusion of Chapter 10...

“Ooooouch my fucking head hurts,” Sarah whined as she slowly opened her eyes. Though her vision was blurry at first, things slowly started to focus.

“W-what the hell?” she groaned, suddenly aware of a new weight on her chest. She cautiously raised the neck of her hospital gown and peekedunder it. “What the hell?! Did I get implants while I was out?!”

Sarah’s mother Meg, who now had her hair pulled up into a cute bun, shook her head slowly.

“Sweetie, you know you’re too young for implants, and even when you’re eighteen I still won’t approve. Do you remember anything? You’ve been in and out of consciousness for awhile now.”

Big Girls Don't Cry - Peeing in the Timestream

{Please read up to Chapter 10.1 of Everything’s Sunny with Sarah, and all 14 chapters of Boys Don’t Cry would help. This is the story as the Universe rewrites itself thanks to the some meddling old ladies. Don’t worry though: Sarah won’t forget her struggle, and some new ones may be on the horizon as a consequence... ;-)

This story contains an attempted sexual assault on a teenage girl; if that offends you please do not read any further (or alternately, press Ctrl+F in your browser and type “ March 6 ” (without the quotation marks) to be taken to the day after the incident. :-) - Zoe)}

Written by Zoe Taylor, Input by Darkkitten (Ashleigh)

ESwS #1 - Chapter 10.1 - Not so Sunny

Authors Notes:
Zoe and I broke this into two parts, 10.1 and 10.2 there will be a filler story between the two parts, enjoy

Sarah awoke feeling a bit groggy, and not sure exactly where she was. She slowly tried to move her head until she could see her mother sitting in a chair near her bed, watching the TV on the wall, while the twins’ father Peter sat close by, sipping coffee from a styrofoam cup. It seemed incredibly loud to her, but she knew her mother would obviously never have the volume up that high.

ESwS #1 - Chapter 9 - Dark Days Coming

{Warning This Chapter contains some Self Violence, Dream Sequences, and Extreme Length of Story}

Authors’ Note: This chapter begins a storyline which will ultimately result in Sarah’s life being very, very different. We ask that readers bear with us and please hold any judgment or negative, gut reaction until chapter 10 has been completely posted. How this will work is that chapter 10 will appear in two parts, with a “oneshot” flashback story in-between.

Thanks for your patience and continued support!
Ashleigh and Zoe

ESwS #1 - Chapter 8 - The Trip Home

When Sarah awoke the next morning, she found a large, black tin case lying on her nightstand, tied with a pink ribbon. A small note lay folded neatly, tucked up under the ribbon, and Sarah carefully pulled it away as she sat up, rubbing her eyes with her free hand. The letter was hand written in a very elegant scrawl, most probably Katelyn’s judging by the dark purple ink.

Tater Tot Casserole (Yes, it's real ;-))


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As featured in Chapter 7 of Everything's Sunny with Sarah this is my family recipe for Tater Tot Casserole. You can experiment with seasonings to taste, but it's actually very good just going by this recipe (I can safely call it a family recipe because I learned it from my mom, who learned it from my Aunt Sarah years ago, who learned it from her mom :-))


ESwS #1 - Chapter 7 - Sound Advice

Sarah had gotten herself hopelessly lost in a whirlwind of color and style thanks to Katelyn. She might have been a girl inside, but it didn’t give her all the affinities or understandings that she thought other girls just came by naturally. As she stared at the open walk-in closet at hanger after hanger of dresses, skirts, and blouses, with her old jeans - all four pair of them, nowhere to be seen, someone knocked lightly at her bedroom door.

She hadn’t undressed yet, so she simply called, “It’s open.”

ESwS #1 - Chapter 6 - Girls just wanna have fun

The distinct, pungent aroma of Sarah’s mother’s cooking struck her the second she opened the door. Perhaps it was that things didn’t just completely fall apart with Katelyn’s parents, or perhaps it was that four-letter word Katelyn used, but Sarah practically danced into the kitchen, wrapping her arms around Margaret’s waist.

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 24

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* Home Away from Home *~

“Well I was going to go get some lunch, but how can I refuse that? Okay, Counselor Dunham?”

“Yes Spirit?” Counselor Dunham answered, grinning back at me.

“Do you have a spare horse?”

“I saved one just for you dear,” she answered. “You remember Lulubelle, right?”

“Oh jeeze.”

ESwS #1 - Chapter 5 - Meet the Fu-- Derricks

The drive to Katelyn’s house was quiet, as neither of them had much to say to each other until, pulling into the driveway, Katelyn finally broke the silence.

“Let me do most of the talking,” she advised cautiously.

Sarah quietly nodded as she stepped out. She couldn’t have possibly known just how close to Nicole’s house she stood, but she had never visited this neighborhood before. All around her, large houses with well-trimmed lawns sat nestled on massive tracts of land with manicured hedges.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?”

ESwS #1 - Chapter 4 - Whats Up Doc?

Authors Notes:
Sorry it took a bit to post this, we have had it ready to go for several days now, (we really have 9 chapters written all together including the ones posted).
Hope you guys enjoy it, I enjoyed helping Zoe make the words flow from her fingers.

Sarah sat fidgeting in the lobby of a highrise office building next to Katelyn. She tugged at her short, white skirt, trying vainly to make it just a little bit longer. At least Katelyn agreed that the medium-blue vest looked cute enough to wear over her top, making her feel slightly less exposed.

Robinverse - Construction Ahead!

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Hey all!

Just wanted to let you know what's been holding up chapter 24 of Becoming Robin Book Three. Well, the short answer is, I have a new website, http://www.robinverse.info in preparation for launching the Robinverse as an actual universe!

ESwS #1 - Chapter 3 - The Pink Begins!

“Noo! I refuse to wear this god awful pink skirt!” Sarah screamed from the changing room. “And this fucking pink shirt reminds me of a toddler shirt!” she added - the pink shirt in question being a pale pink number that said ‘Princess’ on the front in bold, cursive lettering, with a little crown over the double-s.

“Just come out and show me what you look like wearing it,” Katelyn insisted.

“No fucking way!”

What Lies Beyond Twilight

What Lies Beyond Twilight,  ©2011 Zoe Taylor Demons? Ancient Celtic Goddesses? It's bad enough Samantha's stuck in a new house and starting a new school, but can she also survive the evil that lurks in the shadows?

ESwS #1 - Chapter 2 - Sink or Swim

As Sarah reclined into the sofa, flanked on either side by a cute blonde her own age, watching some blu-ray DVD or other that she wasn’t really paying all that much attention to, she had to laugh at herself.

A year ago, even six months ago, John would’ve thought he had died and gone to heaven, yet somehow spending time with these two, her mother’s idea of getting her involved with the natives, just felt a little bit awkward. At least around Robin and the others, she could be herself.

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 23

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* Summer Days, Driftin' Away *~

“Hey, this is huge news,” I answered. I couldn’t help giggling. I felt positively giddy and hugged her again. “You can call me anytime you want, if you need to talk, or if you just want to hang out.”

“Thanks. I’ll have to take you up on that. You’re going to camp next week aren’t you?”

“Well,” I started, glancing at Allison. She smiled and nodded reassuringly.

“What?” Sarah frowned. “Don’t tell me something came up?”

ESwS #1 - Chapter 1 - I left Arkansas for This?

Sarah stared nervously out the passenger window of the rental car. The last time Zoey and Ashleigh had a ‘surprise’ for her was her first experience with wearing a dress, and while not an altogether unpleasant one, it was made awkward by the image being plastered all over newspapers nationwide.

Ashleigh had personally guaranteed she would like this surprise, though apparently even her mother, Margaret, was not in on this, whatever ‘this’ was. Sarah, dressed casually in a pair of faded jeans and a bright pink Hello Kitty t-shirt, turned back to her mother questioningly.

Everythings Sunny with Sarah - Book I - Sarah's new Life

Things seem normal for Sarah again, She got to go to D.C. see some sights, Meet her best friend Robin while she was there even. Stayed with her sister for a few days as well. That's when things start to get turned upside down again for Sarah!

Everything is Sunny with Sarah is Zoe Taylor and Dark Kitten(Ashleigh)'s new spin off from Boys Don't Cry and Becoming Robin.

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 22

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* Save the Last Dance *~

About halfway through the night, after the band had just finished their second set - a mix of up-tempo modern music and a few slower songs, Moira stepped up to the microphone, tapping it and clearing her throat.

“A’right everyone, it’s time for th’ moment ye’ve all been waitin’ for, aye? You’ve all cast yer votes for Prom King and Queen, and I have in my hand here the final results.”

She paused, carefully opening the small envelope as we all waited excitedly to hear the results.

“This year’s prom queen is …”

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 21

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* Girl Power *~

“Wow,” Allison mused as she took in her surroundings. “This is so not what I expected.” I had been busy putting the first of my luggage, my purple duffel bag containing my cheer things, up on the overhead compartment, and glanced back at her.

“What were you expecting?”

She rolled her shoulders, stepping closer to help me with my small suitcase. “I dunno. Bench-seats facing each other like in the movies? This feels more like an airline. Seats look comfortable though.”

Same-Sex Marriage


I didn't know exactly how to title this, so there you have it. This is a big step forward (I consider myself lesbian :-)), and as an aside, as an American I found the following snippet a bit brain-baking. :-P

“During the 2010 election campaign, the Conservatives were the only main party to suggest that they would allow marriage between homosexuals."

Boys Don't Cry - Part 14

Boys Don't Cry Title Image
Boys Don't Cry
 © 2011 Zoe Taylor & Dark Kitten

Sarah learns Nathan's fate,
and she has an important
decision to make that will
affect the rest of her life.

Homecoming, so to speak

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Yesterday was just a little bit rough, with the combination of medicines having an adverse reaction that both made my stomach turn, and dropped my blood pressure to a dangerous level. Both of those issues were resolved safely and without need for a visit to the E.R. thankfully, and this morning I have to admit I’m feeling pretty good all in all. It probably has to do with this being the first time in two months that I’ve truly been able to “feel” like Zoe inside and out. Let me explain. :-)

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 20

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* When Two Hearts Collide *~

“I know the feeling, but from the other end. Sometimes I feel like the only reason I prefer women is because … I’m scared of men. It’s hard. I really like Regina — I do. I love spending time with her, but I wonder if I do it because the alternative is just too terrifying, or if I genuinely want to be with her.”

Moira paused then cleared her throat. “So ah, what happened? Did you kiss her?”

“Ew, no,” I giggled a little and shook my head. “We talked it out. She says she’s okay with us staying friends, and I believe that. It’s just the first time that I’ve had to question my feelings for Nikki. That scares me.”

Anyone with a really good ear?...

Sorry everyone, but this song is driving me CRAZY! It came to me this morning as I sat at my keyboard (the music keyboard that is :-)). It just sort of rolled off my hands, but once I started trying to record, it took me another hour to get it to come out right.

Sorry I've had everyone worried

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Let me start by saying, I'm sorry I worried everyone. I really and truly mean that. I'm going through a lot of crap right now in the real world, but I promise it's been worth it, even if I'm more uncertain now about myself than I've ever been.

I can't promise that any of this will make any sense at all to anyone else; it sure as hell doesn't make any sense in my head right now. It's been a lot of jumbled, raw emotions.

Hell Froze Over :-)

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Well, let me get the obvious out of the way first. Our vacation plans kind of fell through. It's a combination of things, but I had a minor medical emergency, and am on extremely powerful antibiotics right now. :-)

But some incredible, incredible good has come out of it. Like the title says, Hell's officially frozen over. I had a talk with my mother about my gender status.

Family Vacation ... God help me :-P

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be out of pocket for awhile. I don't know how long exactly. I'm going with my parents to see the Grand Canyon, and since we're going to drive it, it's going to end one of three ways.

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 19

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* Katelyn Sings the Blues *~

“Ally, what is it?”

“It’s probably nothing,” she began, shifting her gaze. “Look, Robin, you know I love you right?”

“Yeah,” I answered hesitantly.

“And you know I love Nikki too. You guys are my best friends. You know I’d never do or say anything to hurt you, right?”

“Ally, I trust you completely.”

“It … it sounds like Katelyn’s crushing on you.”

Boys Don't Cry - Part 11

Boys Don't Cry Title Image
Boys Don't Cry
 © 2011 Zoe Taylor & Dark Kitten

Things are always darkest
before the dawn, and though Sarah
still has much yet to learn, things have
finally begun to look just a little brighter.

Creative slump ... sort of :-)

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Wow, where the heck did my last two weeks go? Sorry everyone. I know quite a few are waiting anxiously for updates to Becoming Robin and Boys Don't Cry. I hit a bit of a creative slump lately. It's not that I don't know what I want to write; more like how to do the stories justice.

Back during writing near the end of Book Two there were times when I would write just to write. There were passable chapters with high points, but some of it just felt like it wasn't up to my usual quality, and I'm trying to avoid doing the same thing to both Book 3 and BDC.

Boys Don't Cry - Part 10

Boys Don't Cry Title Image
Boys Don't Cry
 © 2011 Zoe Taylor & Dark Kitten

Sarah finds herself in the
eye of more than one storm. While
hope yet remains on the horizon,
Maxine's revelation gives her pause...

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 18

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* Downtime *~

“Yeah, really,” Nicole added. “This has been like, the busiest year of my entire life, and I’m not even a cheerleader.” She shot us a glance. Jennifer and I giggled as I answered.

“Um, yeah, about that…”

Allison laughed. “Uh oh. I know that tone.”

“Me too. What’re y’all plotting?” Nicole teased.

“Nothing,” we answered in unison.

Delays, delays!

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Those of you following my main novels, Becoming Robin and Boys Don't Cry have probably noticed I haven't been very active lately. Part of that is that this is storm season, and since I usually do my writing in the evening, that's put a big halt to using the main PC. I finally got Windows 7 on my laptop though I still need to find my MS Office disc for that.

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 17

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* High Spirits *~

“Katelyn, what’s wrong? Whatever it is you can tell me.”

“I-” she stammered, shaking her head slowly. “It was an accident. It was a stupid fluke, and it shouldn’t have ever happened, but it did, and now I don’t know what to think.”

“What happened, exactly?” I asked, growing more concerned now. She sighed softly, shutting her eyes.

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 16

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* Twisted Fate *~

“Hey girls,” she offered cheerfully, despite being clearly exhausted. “What are you doing here?”

Allison wrapped her arms around Kelly’s waist before answering. “We came to talk to you. It’s about LeAnn.”

Kelly’s expression shifted as she put away her phone. “I’ve been expecting this. Let’s head up to the roof. Hardly anyone ever visits the gardens up there so it’ll be nice and quiet.”

Heads-up for Google Docs Users :-)

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Just letting everyone know that, at least as of this posting, there's something strange going on with Google Docs. New documents are being saved, and you can link back to them directly if you share them or copy the link somewhere, but they are NOT currently being saved under your "Owned by me" area, or anywhere else that I can tell.

Some reports suggest some of the "lost" documents are appearing an hour later, but others never show up at all. Like I said they're being saved because you can link back to them, just not being added to the list. There's a forum thread at Google Support Here

Music Inspires the Savage Beast

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I'm fairly certain I've blogged extensively in the past about how music tends to affect my muse in strange ways, but I just had probably the best example ever of this phenomenon while working on Boys Don't Cry today (Don't worry, I'm still working on Robin too :-) She'll be back soon).

Becoming Robin Book Three: Chapter 15

Becoming Robin Book 3 Cover/Image
Bk3C2011ZoeTaylor.png~* Girl to the Core! *~

“I know you trust me. It’s just that you care so much about others’ feelings that you’re afraid sharing your own will hurt them. But that’s what friends do. We share our burdens because it lightens them and makes it easier to enjoy the good times we share.”

“Thanks Ally,” I managed softly, hugging her neck.

Still Writng, Still Alive :-)

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Just a quick note for Becoming Robin and/or Boys Don't Cry fans, I'm still writing, and I'm still okay. :-) There's a lot happening in my life, none of it I'm really at liberty to discuss right now because some of it is business-related, and the rest of it is very very personal, and I respect the other person involved's privacy too much to say anything in public like this. ;-)

What I CAN say is that if all goes well, in the next six months:


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