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Accidental New Life - Part 2/?

A sharply dressed woman met the three of them in the parking lot. She was younger looking then Ms. Smith but still as sharply dressed, she had a huge smile on her face and looked really friendly. The two women exchanged a brief hug.

“It’s so good to see you again,” the woman announced cheerfully. “And these are our newest residents?” she asked, turning an appraising glance on the two siblings.

“That’s right. I have their paperwork in my briefcase if you want to look over it first. I’ll be sending an e-file copy as soon as I get back to the office, in either case.”

Accidental New Life - Part 1/?

Faith stepped casually through the closed door into Bethany’s office at Sunshine Academy as though the heavy slab of oak wasn’t even there. "Hello little girl." Faith smiled at Bethany, her eyes a soft, shimmering pink, but with little flecks of blue.

"Little? I'm big enough I could take you over my knee in this body!" Bethany giggled and hopped up to hug Faith. "No, but seriously, what's up?"

A Ring Tailed Bandit - Chapter 2

Amanda spent the ride home dividing her time between looking at her human face in the mirror attached to the passenger-side sun visor, and sticking her hand out the window, and giggling at how the wind would blow it this way and that.

Darcy smiled as she looked briefly over at Amanda, “That’s not safe sweetie put your arm in the car.”

Amanda quickly pulled her hand back in, just in time as a mailbox that someone had put too close to the road whizzed by. “Meep!” she half-squealed, half-chittered, guarding her hand. “Scary,” she whispered, looking up at Darcy.

Becoming Robin Book Four: Chapter 6

Bk4C2012ZoeTaylor.png~* The Lighter Side (Of Darkness)*~

Trina nodded. “Like I said before, I’m still not ready for Trina to be exposed to the rest of the school like, officially.” She sighed. “Sometimes it still feels like Trina’s taking over my life.”

I couldn’t take it anymore, and finally pulled her into a hug. “Trina, there’s something I have to tell you. I know exactly what you’re going through because … Because I went through it last summer. The reason I was out for surgery is … because I was having GRS.” I frowned. Trina’s eyes widened and her jaw slackened. Annabell just smiled a soft, reassuring smile.

“You’re... You weren’t born a... I mean...” she fumbled, utterly shocked. I nodded.

Becoming Robin Book Four: Chapter 5

Bk4C2012ZoeTaylor.png~* The 'A's Have It *~

“Robin said she’s never been to a tea party. I think we should have one this afternoon.”

Amanda’s eyes lit up. “Really?!”

“Absolutely. After lunch I’ll help you set everything up. How’s that sound?”

This chapter is dedicated to my dear friend Piper, who's going through some rough stuff. The Robinverse wouldn't be what it is without you, sweetie. :-)

Becoming Robin Book Four: Chapter 4

Bk4C2012ZoeTaylor.png~* Making Waves *~

“My lawyer advised me that it would be okay if I provided you with all the documentation, since you all are able to independently confirm with the gynecologist that she did indeed file everything.” I reached down, opening the briefcase Max had loaned me, and handed over the documents for the three present to review, as a few more, as well as Principal Rochelle, entered.

The principal smiled and nodded. “Hello Robin. Staying out of trouble?”

I laughed. “Hey, I haven’t been down to your office since Homecoming! I gave up trying to stay out of people’s way though. When you try to be nice to everyone someone inevitably thinks you’re up to something.”

Becoming Robin Book Four: Chapter 3

Bk4C2012ZoeTaylor.png~* Chaos Theory *~

““Eep?” Nikki asked.

“That was Moira. She said she loved my song and wanted to lay down some music backing.”

“I’m so sorry,” Nikki answered quickly. “It was an accident. I printed off a copy of your lyrics when you emailed them to me, and Moira dropped by unexpected. I couldn’t just lie to her when she asked me who the author was. Please don’t be mad?”

Becoming Robin Book Four: Chapter 2

Bk4C2012ZoeTaylor.png~* A Daughter's Love *~

“I want to pick up some aromatherapy candles,” Mom replied, rubbing her protruding belly lightly. “I should have known better than to marry a martial arts instructor,” she added, as we walked out to the parking lot.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

She giggled. “Because I think one of your siblings just roundhouse kicked my bladder. You go on ahead. I need to go to the bathroom again.”

Taylor's Modern Life Part 8 (Final)

“She was just so adorable sleeping like that,” Michelle grinned, “I didn’t want to go any closer you know.” She took LeAnne’s hand again, leading her down the hallway to her room.

LeAnne smiled sheepishly. “I couldn’t help myself. She just looked so innocent and angelic. But at least those years of ballet finally paid off,” she added with a quiet giggle.

At that very moment the house froze in time, and Faith and Bethany both looked around the house. Faith had a big smile on her face as she looked at LeAnne and Michelle, “Now that’s perfect. Nature is balanced again.”

Taylor's Modern Life Part 7

“I never would either LeAnne. Friends first sweetie, always.” Michelle smiled as they both went into the kitchen to scope out what to make for dinner.

LeAnne giggled a little. “Gawd, this kitchen’s amazing. I haven’t had a real kitchen with anything beyond a piece of crap stove and a 700 watt microwave in like, two years.”

“It’s a damn professional kitchen. It looks like something you would see in Gordon Ramsay's house.” Michelle giggled.

ESwS #1 - Chapter 20 - Stormy Weather

Sarah stared in silence between the slightly dusty beige miniblinds. Even the impending rain didn’t seem to bother the army of reporters, photographers, and possibly the odd stalker or two camped outside Mary’s home. A week had past since the big scandal had broken, and for the last two days neither girl could even leave the house without being harassed constantly wherever they went.

“Maybe this was a mistake,” she mumbled softly. Mary stood to approach, wrapping an arm around Sarah and resting her head on her shoulder.

Taylor's Modern Life Part 6

Michelle walked Taylor and the girls to the music store, pulling out Taylors iPod and getting it ready for her, then handing it over. “You know what we forgot to do Sweet Pea? I forgot to buy a wireless router for the new house, and order internet.” Michelle giggled.

“Oh yeah! The realtor lady said it was already wired for high speed. I guess that means we just have to get it turned on huh?” she giggled. “This is so cool!”

Becoming Robin Book Four: Chapter 1

Bk4C2012ZoeTaylor.png~* Take it Easy *~

Chelsea grinned as she hugged me. “Hey you!”

Brittany smiled and hugged me next. “So this is where you’ve been hiding, huh? We heard you were in the hospital. How are you feeling?”

“Sore, but getting better. I um... I had surgery to correct my birth defect,” I answered, blushing softly.

“Oh wow,” Chelsea answered. “So does this mean no more hiding in the coaches’ office?”

Becoming Robin Book 4: Being Robin


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Following Robin's gender reassignment surgery, life has begu to return to normal - or as normal as life in Alpine Springs ever gets. Two new neighbors have moved into the area, and Robin's taking on even more projects.

Will she be able to balance her new comic book? How will the other girls at school react when she enters the locker room for the first time? And what's Jessica, of Heedless Despair, doing with that contract?

Taylor's Modern Life Part 5

Taylor followed along behind her sister the whole way, nodding. “I have some ideas, but I’ll figure it out later. Does your GPS know where the mall is?” she half-asked, half-teased.

“Maybe. I forgot to ask Ms. Smith if there was a mall in Alpine Springs.” Michelle smiled, looking it up on google with her phone, “I think I need to get us some laptops too. Mind if I do that with the card Tiffany gave you?”

“Oh, I forgot about that thing,” Taylor answered with a mild giggle. “Sure, I can probably use it for school stuff anyway.”

A Ring Tailed Bandit - Chapter 1

A Ring Tailed Bandit Chapter 1

A young woman in her mid twenties stepped out back of “Teen Scene” to have a smoke. Hearing rustling inside the large green garbage can, she stopped in her tracks.

“Who’s in there?” the young woman demanded, “Come out of there right now!”

More thumping around could be heard from the can, but nobody came out.

Taylor's Modern Life Part 4

“So we can check her out now then?” Michelle was a bit confused, but at least there was time left in the day to make it over to Alpine Springs to find a place; the afternoon was just starting to blaze on.

Resident Robin

Robin is about to meet up with some undead in this crazy story, Join Robin and the gang from Robinverse as they survive a Zombie Apocalypse!

Robin woke up in a lab somewhere, on a hospital bed with equipment hooked up to her, it was to quiet but the power was still on it seemed.

“Wh...a...aaa...” she moaned as she tried to sit up, and began clawing at the equipment to get it out of her body as quickly as possible, tearing and rending the tubes and needles, heedless of the extreme pain the process was causing her. The lights in the building flickering off and on, but there seems to be nobody coming to her room to stop her or check up on her.

Taylor's Modern Life Part 3

Later that afternoon, Natalie walked into the room, not realizing Taylor had a visitor. "Hey kiddo. I got that poster I promised you. Sorry it took so long but I had to drive over to Alpine Springs to get Robin ... to..." she paused, offering a sheepish smile.

Sitting by Taylor’s bed was a girl who couldn’t be much older than herself, with medium length blonde hair, and wearing a tight tanktop exposing a belly button ring to complement several earrings. "Sorry, I didn't realize you had a visitor. I'll come back later,” Natalie backpedaled.

Taylor's Modern Life Part 2

Taylor looked and in its original box was a Stacie doll, his blue eyes went wide at the sight, “Oh oh .. um.” was all he could get out.

Natalie giggled a little, completely misreading Taylor’s shock. “I know it’s not much, but ever since they brought you in we’ve all kind of been praying for you. It’s, um... Well, it’s kinda a miracle you’re even alive right now.” She trailed off for a moment then smiled, carefully setting a fresh glass of water well within the girl’s reach and range of motion.

Fresh tears ran down Taylor’s face, “You all are nice, thank you.”

Taylor's Modern Life Part 1

“Doctor?” an older girl’s voice called, startled. “Doctor! That kid they brought in the other day just woke up!” she practically cheered, rapid footsteps racing out of the room.

Taylor’s vision slowly started to come back blurry like in the ambulance. The young girl from the ride smiled from the doorway which was the the only thing he could see clearly, and she waved at him then turned around walking through the door, seeming to disappear into nothing.

Book 1 - Taylor's Modern Life


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In book one Taylor finds himself a herself, his or should we say her life turned upside down, a Brother that is now his or again should we say her sister, Her life story had some minor changes thanks to some melding old ladies and the Universe whose on her side.

ESwS #1 - Chapter 19 - Islands in the Sea

“Hi Mom; it’s me,” Sarah spoke cheerfully into her cell phone as she left the airport. “Just wanted to let you know we landed safely.”

“I’m glad you made it alright Sarah sweetie, oh you should give your sister a call sometime this week, shes got some very interesting news for you.”

“Uh oh. She didn’t finally give in to that loser she’s been dating did she?” Sarah asked hesitantly.

“Well thats for you to find out from her sweetie, I just thought I figured I’d tell you.”

Anyone familiar with Amazon CreateSpace?


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Reading the above article has kind of got me curious about Amazon self-publishing. Word of mouth advertising in this day and age is actually pretty huge. There's a #1 bestseller, the name of which I've completely forgotten now (It was referred to as "Twilight for Moms" in a recent news article :-P) that was huge with eReaders, IIRC. So, yeah. I'm thinking about using this to publish Book one of Becoming Robin.

ESwS #1 - Chapter 18 - Maria, Maria

“Hey Sarah!” Em cheered as Sarah and Mary stepped through the doorway. “What’s wrong?”

Mary frowned. “Somethin’s up with the competition. They’re sayin’ Sarah canna compete, or some BS. Bella and Moira’re goin’ back to Ireland as we speak ta try and sort this crap out.”

“Bella?” Beth asked. “As in Bella McConnell?” she paused to giggle. “What? I googled Irish dance and her name came up a lot.”

“Yeah,” Sarah answered, “Turns out her and Moira go way back. I’m trying not to think about it, but Mary and I have worked way too hard for this.”

Good drugs... :-)

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Just wanted to leave a little note here that the projects I'm involved in will be a bit slower for awhile. Specifically stories I'm co-authoring with Ashly (DarkKitten) or editing for her might be a bit backlogged, as I'm currently recovering from oral surgery. Every day is hit or miss. Like tonight I felt great, and helped her edit Punisher 1 in no time :-) But last night and this morning I could barely see straight. :-)

I've got some good painkillers though, and HOPEFULLY recovery should be pretty quick, but I just wanted to post a li'l update that I'm not being lazy or anything. :-P So look for ESWS some time next week maybe, and the rest I'll try not to slow Ashly down too much on :-)


The Punisher - The Birth of Angelica Part 1/?

This story is a Retcon and contains a lot of foul language, a questionable scene (non sexual) involving pee, the death of a minor and two adults, if any of this offends you please do not read any further.


Sixteen year old Frank Castle had just finished up his ROTC training and headed off to the Youth Center to play some basketball with some of the other kids, something he always enjoyed doing after school. He happily gave up a lot of his time to the guys over there who had nothing.

ESwS #1 - Chapter 17 - Smoke on the water

Sarah was true to her competitive nature when it came time to start her training. She trained hard in the mornings, and even when she wasn’t officially training, when she had downtime, she practiced on the hard kitchen floor of her house. There was hardly a time when she was home, that her house wasn’t full of music.

Final Fantasy - New Moon Part 2

Authors Notes:
A bit of Fluffy stuff some action not much, Next part I promise more, some more characters introduced Enjoy.

One week before Summer holidays, Natali had been living on Cocoon in her parents’ big house for almost a year. She had been going to school via holo’s and Serah’s class so she didn’t have to go to the public school. She had also been doing a lot of practice with her gunblade, and learning how to shoot a bow. During the time away from her Aunt’s place she had been keeping in touch constantly with Alexa and Mindy though, and all three of the girls missed each other very badly.

ESwS #1 - Chapter 16 - What's a girl ganna do?

Author's notes:
This chapter is shorter then most but Zoe felt that it was a perfect place to end it for the next chapter, Please enjoy :)

“Welcome to Alpine Springs,” Sarah bubbled cheerfully.

Mary laughed as she shook her head. “You didn’t tell me you lived in such a sleepy village,” she teased. “It’s beautiful, Sarah. Looks a sight more peaceful than Belfast anyway.”

“Oh, if you want busy you can stay with Moira. She shares a flat with Jane, but since they’re both on the road so often it’s rare that they’re both there at once.”

ESwS #1 - Chapter 15 - Dog Day Afternoon

Fiona had gotten up early to cook breakfast for her RV guests, teasing Sarah that she’d have to pass on a few family secret recipes before the week was out. That of course led to the revelation that Meg owned her own restaurant back in Alpine Springs. Fiona also hinted that she had a surprise for Sarah, but that she had to wait until Katelyn, still sound asleep, woke up and about as well.

Final Fantasy - New Moon Part 1

Nathen Micheals was an avid video game player who loved the Final Fantasy game series big time to say the least. When Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released he had already put in a pre-order a month in advance, and on release day, raced home from school as fast as he could.

“Hey mom did my package from Amazon come in yet?” Nat yelled at his mom as he came through the door.

Temptation and Patience

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I haven't posted a blog in awhile, or at least I haven't posted a serious blog in awhile :-) Like the title? It sort of came to me after talking with Ashleigh about something that's been on my mind the last couple of days: the "H" word.

ESwS #1 - Chapter 14 - Around the World

“So we’re officially in Ireland?” Sarah asked as they made their way through Belfast International Airport. She couldn’t help looking around, as though expecting a leprechaun to jump out at her. Katelyn giggled, wrapping an arm around her.

“Well I do see something green,” she teased, as if she knew what Sarah was thinking. “Check out the hair on that punk chick over there.”

ESwS #1 - Chapter 13 - Heart Shaped Box

“Oh God, I have no clue what to pack for this trip!” Sarah whined as she went through her closet looking at all her clothes.

Faith giggled. “Tis a right pishy on ya Moira cannae be there, aye?”

Sarah turned to stare blankly at Faith for just a moment. “For a second there, I almost understood that.”

“You’ll be fine!” she insisted as she flopped down on Sarah’s bed, watching her spelunk through the closet.

My absence is not what you probably think...

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Let me just start by saying, I haven’t abandoned writing :-) I just caught a bad case of real-life recently that just won’t let go. The short version is, I’ve been sick, and my hard drive as well as backup external HDD both died on me, so I’ve been the last two weeks either lying in bed, or drugged out of my gourd on strong cold medicine while simultaneously trying to recover any data that wasn’t backed up online somewhere (Thank GOD all my stories were recently backed up on GDocs or I’d be totally screwed right now :-P)


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ESwS #1 - Chapter 12 - Sunny with a Chance of Sarah

It was another lazy afternoon around the Cameron homestead. With Robin, Nicole and Allison off at camp, and Em and Beth doing their own thing, plus Katelyn teaching another piano lesson, Sarah and Faith lounged around the pool.

Both girls wore form-fitting bikinis, but while Sarah had on a pair of expensive, sporty sunglasses, Faith’s were decidedly goofy-looking, with pink frames and heart-shaped lenses.

“This is the life,” Faith giggled softly. “You know Sarah, I’ve been thinking.”

“What about?” Sarah asked, glancing over at the girl.

Taking a Break

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Robinverse has basically blown up in my face, and I now have authors who previously were interested running like hell the other way because I made the mistake of making overt the fact that magic has subtly existed all along.

I promised I'd continue to post Becoming Robin here, and maybe I will eventually finish posting it, but for the foreseeable future, I'm going to step down as a TopShelf author.

ESwS #1 - Chapter 11 - Back in Pink!

The morning after Sarah returned home, she awoke before her mother and groggily wondered downstairs to make coffee for her. As she stared at the coffee maker, watching the coffee slowly drip into the glass pitcher below, she yawned, blinking a few times.

“What... Why am I making coffee?” She grimaced as familiar memories flooded to the surface. She always made coffee when she got up before Meg because her mother tended to oversleep after a long day of college plus homework. She smiled thoughtfully.

ESwS #1 - Chapter 10.2 - Not so Sunny

And now for the conclusion of Chapter 10...

“Ooooouch my fucking head hurts,” Sarah whined as she slowly opened her eyes. Though her vision was blurry at first, things slowly started to focus.

“W-what the hell?” she groaned, suddenly aware of a new weight on her chest. She cautiously raised the neck of her hospital gown and peekedunder it. “What the hell?! Did I get implants while I was out?!”

Sarah’s mother Meg, who now had her hair pulled up into a cute bun, shook her head slowly.

“Sweetie, you know you’re too young for implants, and even when you’re eighteen I still won’t approve. Do you remember anything? You’ve been in and out of consciousness for awhile now.”

Big Girls Don't Cry - Peeing in the Timestream

{Please read up to Chapter 10.1 of Everything’s Sunny with Sarah, and all 14 chapters of Boys Don’t Cry would help. This is the story as the Universe rewrites itself thanks to the some meddling old ladies. Don’t worry though: Sarah won’t forget her struggle, and some new ones may be on the horizon as a consequence... ;-)

This story contains an attempted sexual assault on a teenage girl; if that offends you please do not read any further (or alternately, press Ctrl+F in your browser and type “ March 6 ” (without the quotation marks) to be taken to the day after the incident. :-) - Zoe)}

Written by Zoe Taylor, Input by Darkkitten (Ashleigh)

ESwS #1 - Chapter 10.1 - Not so Sunny

Authors Notes:
Zoe and I broke this into two parts, 10.1 and 10.2 there will be a filler story between the two parts, enjoy

Sarah awoke feeling a bit groggy, and not sure exactly where she was. She slowly tried to move her head until she could see her mother sitting in a chair near her bed, watching the TV on the wall, while the twins’ father Peter sat close by, sipping coffee from a styrofoam cup. It seemed incredibly loud to her, but she knew her mother would obviously never have the volume up that high.


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